August 8, 2020 marked the 35th year anniversary of the first official celebration of Bonza Bottler Day, which was created by Elaine Fremont in 1985 when she realized there were no special occasions to celebrate one month. She decided to give herself a  reason to have a party and some fun with this special day every month.

Ms. Fremont held a contest to name the day, which a student from Australia won.  When Australians like something, they might exclaim, "Bonza !" which means "super," "great,"   or "fantastic." "Bottler" is slang for "something excellent."  Thus, the celebration each month is now known as Bonza Bottler Day, which was first officially celebrated on August 8, 1985 in Greenville, South Carolina, where Elaine Fremont was born and where she lived.

Just what is Bonza Bottler Day?


  Bonza Bottler Day  

The founder of Bonza Bottler Day, Elaine Fremont, died in a car accident on April 8, 1995 at the age of 43.  For ten years she had celebrated every Bonza Bottler Day with her friends or her family.  

It was her desire that Bonza Bottler Day be a day every month that friends,  family, colleagues, acquaintances, students, and all people get together to celebrate life by having a party or at least by making the day a happy joyful occasion.

Though Elaine has passed on, her sister Gail Berger has taken over making sure her memory and her desire that Bonza Bottler Day be a day of celebration live on.  In whatever way you celebrate, we hope you, too, will enjoy many Bonza Bottler Days.