The Bonza Bottler Day mascot is a dancing groundhog (which has for many years celebrated on Feb. 2) that is strewing confetti and laughing, and the logo for Bonza Bottler Day is "I Celebrate Bonza Bottler Day" along with the dancing groundhog.

He is known as Bonzy, the Bonza Bottler Day groundhog.

The name Bonzy was submitted by Logan from Creston, Iowa.   And a big thank you to his teacher, Mrs. Laurice Heinzel for encouraging her students to enter the contest and submit names for our groundhog.  Bonzy is a name that befits our mascot as he represents Bonza Bottler Day to the world.  

the mascot    

  Bonza Bottler Day  

 ©Gail Berger 1995