Ways to Celebrate Bonza Bottler Day®

  Bonza Bottler Day  

The proper way to celebrate is with a party, but if that is not possible, a person should at least wish other people a "Happy Bonza Bottler Day." People in offices, schools, etc., bring food to work to share. College students in dorms have lots of fun with this day. This has also become a big hit with early morning disc jockeys who love to wake people up with "Happy Bonza Bottler Day!" The day gives people in nursing homes something to celebrate every month. Religious organizations, church youth groups, schools, colleges, civic centers, offices, libraries, YMCA's, and individuals from around the world, as well as some of the divisions of the U.S. armed forces, are now celebrating Bonza Bottler Day, according to our correspondence.

Bonza Bottler Day is a favorite with many school classrooms because it provides a break in routine for the students and teachers. Many people eat at their favorite restaurants on Bonza Bottler Day when they haven't planned a party. We know that it is becoming internationally celebrated because we receive calls, letters and emails from people around the world. Some groups are even forming Bonza Bottler Day clubs. There are even websites now where teachers can get Bonza Bottler Day lesson plans.  We encourage all those who celebrate Bonza Bottler Day to share with us how you celebrate.

Suggestions for WAYS TO CELEBRATE

Fall Celebrations  Crisp fall days and cooler evenings add an enhanced sense of excitement to BONZA BOTTLER DAY parties and celebrations.  The usual inside fall themes as well as the outdoors splendid scenes of color as the trees embrace the coming chillier weather make planning your BBD parties a breeze. Outdoor party time before the winter freeze.  Bring out the apple cider, popcorn, and carameled apples.  Roast hotdogs and marshmallows around a brilliant campfire.  Sing the ole campfire songs and tell ghost stories.  Hike, bike, jump in piles of leaves. Then carve pumpkins and roast the seeds.   Eat hotdogs, pizza, or Brats, or any other take-out fare on the veranda or patio of office, home, or  restaurant.  Dress up as scarecrows and then picnic in the local park or school playground at lunch break.  Have a neighborhood or office potluck.  However you celebrate, use your Bonza Bottler Days to make and grow relationships with your friends and family.

Office (and other Groups) Celebrations  There are so many ways to celebrate.  Here are a few ideas:  Bring into work or have delivered a breakfast or lunch Takeout from a local restaurant or deli; decorate with balloons, etc. and have a different food theme each month (i.e. veggie and dip month; light snacks month; sweet tooth month when everyone brings a favorite dessert), or have ice cream specials (sundaes, banana splits, floats).  One Bonza Bottler Day have the entire office go out to lunch together.  You can do other special things besides eat like one month have everyone write one or two nice things about each person in the office and have someone compile them to be read on the next Bonza Bottler Day.  If made into separate cards to give to each person to keep about themselves, it can be an encouragement throughout the whole year.  Another month like December, you can collect children's gifts in the office to take to children who are in the hospital or have special needs, or everyone can bring canned goods, etc., to distribute to those who are in need.  Bonza Bottler Day can be celebrated any way you want by having food and fun and bringing happiness to other people.

Classroom Celebrations   Bonza Bottler Day is being celebrated in countless ways in hundreds of classrooms for all ages around the world.  The following are just a few ideas that teachers have shared with us that can be worked into themes or combined with other ideas.  Bonza Bottler Day can be Candy Day, Ice Cream Day, Free Recess Day, Be Kind to Classmates Day, Treasure Chest Day, Show and Tell Day, Collect Food and Toys for Needy Children Day, No Homework Day, Celebrating Un-Birthdays Day (for those whose birthdays fall in the summer or when there is no school), Arts and Crafts Day, Field Trip Day, Picnic Day, Nature Hike Day, Cooking Day, and the list goes on. 

Many teachers choose different themes each month to help celebrate Bonza Bottler Day or to conclude units, which might include lesson plans, crafts, playtime, and food with an emphasis on a Foreign Country (dress up and bring foods for different countries), a Season, a Food Groups Unit, or Community Service (have various community servants visit and share or each student dress like a community servant and tell about it), Library Day or Reading Day (have people from the community and all walks of life to come to the classroom to read their favorite book to your students).  You could have Animal Day  (visit a zoo, a farm, or have a vet or animal shelter worker bring in animals),  or Historical or Famous People Day (students dress like some famous person in history).

Some teachers order Bonza Bottler Day buttons for their class or have their students order their own buttons from the website store to wear each month.  Bonza Bottler Day stickers can also be ordered from the website store for teachers to put on papers, use for games, etc.  Sometimes students write to tell us how they celebrate Bonza Bottler Day in their classroom.  There is also a website that offers Bonza Bottler Day lesson plans for each month.  Older students like to have breakfast or just coffee, juice, and doughnuts or pastries on Bonza Bottler Day, or an end of the day excuse to have a party.  Some high school classes go to lunch or meet for breakfast on Bonza Bottler Day if the class usually meets at that time.  There are some schools that have breakfast once a month on Bonza Bottler Day for the parents, served by students in the lunchroom. But remember that however you celebrate in your classroom, include some refreshment and lots of fun.

For Nursing Homes, Civic and Religious Groups, Divisions of the Armed Forces, Neighborhoods, Clubs, Support groups, Cruise Ships, and the list goes on... Besides all of the above (from classroom and office party ideas), a popular way to celebrate Bonza Bottler Days is having a number party, where the theme of the party corresponds to the number of the Bonza Bottler Day (8 for August 8, 9 for September 9, etc.)  Everything is done with that number in mind.  On 4-4 games are played in groups of four, tables are set with places for four.  Four main dishes, four desserts or flavors of ice cream, start and end the party at 4:00 a.m. and p.m. or start and end 4 minutes after an hour. Four movies, four book reviews, four skits, four songs, four door prizes, etc.

Costume parties where guests dress to resemble famous public figures or characters from history, songs, movies, books, cartoons, TV shows, biblical characters (for religious group parties), etc. that had something to do with the number of the current Bonza Bottler Day.  For instance, on 2-2, people can come as famous pairs such as Bonnie and Clyde, Abbot and Costello, Roy and Dale Evans, Beauty and the Beast, and tons more. Good party to play charades or similar games, which will bring lots of laughs.

Another fun party theme  is a Historical Period Party where the theme of the party is a specific time in history.  Food, decorating, activities, and costumes all conform to that time period.  The Bonza Bottler Day party is planned completely keeping in mind The Way It Was.

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